About us

Company Overview

ZITIMA is global player in the technology & consulting services that helps customer achieve the sustainable success they deserve. Our advanced innovation on the engineering and service front will transform the core processes for higher flexibility, greater efficiency at most cost effective and comprehensive manner.

Aligned by vertical industry and service line, we understand your business better & deliver solutions inline to the precision you look up to. When needed, we can provide the specialized & well experienced skills from our talent pool; to handle any kind of business or technology issue. However, to truly thrive, you must identify investments that can help not only meet your goals today, but also thrive with the market share and growth from current into the future.

Our Mission

Technology Evolution is inevitable,

so innovate as per the technology trends to make it an asset for business needs and integrate seamlessly without the pain factor and increase business profitability.

Our Vision

To be the first choice of our customer around the world

by building innovative products, solutions and change the way people work, live and learn.

Our Values & Beliefs


Fearless Innovation

Innovation is the essential instrument of entrepreneurship. An act that endows resources with new capacity for create anything and everything.


Integrity must never be compromised. At ZITIMA Integrity is at the heart of our relationships, honest relationships & trust are essential for long-term business success.

Deliver the Promise

We at ZITIMA value a deep sense of responsibility, to meet & surpass on commitments made. We are each accountable for doing the right thing in time.

Working with us

We are all ZITIMA

We believe in creative power of mind and the transformative expertise and not just experienced. You could be part of dynamic team that thrives to make the change. The success of ZITIMA is based on the brilliant people joining together to collaborate, exchange thoughts and to inspire each other's creativity.

At ZITIMA we care about the work you have engendered and not on the number of hours you inserted.

Getting on board. When you make it through the interview, First you have to do a project together, typically lasting 2-8 weeks, to get to know how we work. Once in sync with the team and style, you are obliged to do customer support for few weeks regardless of your position.

We believe connecting with the people who use our products is very important to serve them with better product and better service.

How we do ?

At ZITIMA we work with the people and organizations having ambitious missions, dedicated for conducting business responsibility in corporate or government sectors. Our love for challenges and disruptive thinking lead our customer to success. Our enhanced project management, collaboration tools and Industry refined company-wide processes guaranty consistent, well-planned and quality delivery.

We pride creating industry-centric solutions and services that help our customer's businesses grow and at the same time shape a better and sustainable future. It's about bringing innovation and integrity together to change the world for the better tomorrow.

Why Zitima

Choosing the right partners is vital. Partnership is a two-way street, goals and conversations. Partner with us, as we are not the one solution for every problem kind of sales men, we understand your business first & provide fully custom tailored solution specific to your requirement.

We don't target sale we target customer service and help extend your reach and goals just as much as our own.

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