Digital Archiving

In the world of information and internet content is highly valued, Newspapers or print content is in top among them, as print is stronger copy of record and the rigid structure allows higher level of synthesis between news, editorials, and other components. Due to layout limitation only the most effective and relevant information to people and other ends is published, for example Newspaper have more editorial thought put into its content and offers better value.

Preserving such information and having it readily accessible brings the value to life. Traditional preservation and archival process of storing physical copies or microfilms or microfiche is good until the material starts degrading and losing the valuable asset for ever. Digital archiving is not just scanning and preserving the scanned images.

What is the use of information that is not accessible when needed?

ZITIMA's digital archiving solution transforms physical newspaper, microfiche and microfilms into future proof, ready to access electronic format for safe storage and internal or internet publishing, search and retrieval, knowledge and information mining, all this by retaining the original look and feel.

ZITIMA's solution enables digitized content preserved in industry standard formats keeping in mind the content and information accessibility irrespective of changing technology trends. The long-term preservation and curation of the data results in reduced risk, lowered costs.

Digitization paves way for content monetization through global distribution.

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