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With the digital concept has captured all phases of market, a significant change can be seen in news publishing. Today, you will see more focus on electronic and digital media rather than print media. Every leading newspaper and top magazine companies have come up with their portals that can be browsed anywhere.

They look for device friendly portals or websites and ZITIMA's news portal solutions provide advanced responsive and innovative solution combined with great user experience and engagement for a better readership. ZITIMA offers multiple tools and solution for the news publishing portal systems with some amazing features and techniques.

Go4 – an Innovative News gathering and publishing workflow system

Go4 – a GPS enabled technology workflow service for print, electronic and digital media, Is the best solution for teaming up with the infield reporters, journalist and editors for news gathering and reporting with no bar on technology or platform, including live publishing, editing. The leading tool endows with innovative platform to publish the live news with the Geo Mark. It comes with a built in responsive CMS portal and integrate with your existing CMS portal or website as well.

Go4 is designed to fill the needs of media industry based on the latest market trends and technology for a faster news gathering and publishing without geo barrier. Media houses can be fully benefited with this solution and it can be integrated with the existing workflow, portals or other system seamlessly with minimum learning curve and maximising the capability.

Readers Magic – A Digital Publishing solution for the print media houses

Like Go4, Readers Magic is also an ideal digital cross platform for publishers that can browse and read newspapers, magazines and any kind of other write-up including journals through digital technologies. It is an amazing and innovative online digital replica solution for publishers to increase their reach of publication to audience living anywhere globally on different platforms that include Smartphones, tablets and laptops.

ZITIMA brings you amazing tool to complement your brand with innovative set of media rich content enablers. With the help of such amazing tools, one can convert the paper into a new interactive experience for the subscribers and create a value add place holders for the print advertisers on the digital platform with rich media widgets like audio, photography, GPS based mark-ups, virtual tours, contests and build in e-commerce services for products showcased or reviewed in the publica

For news portal solutions India and digital replica solutions, all you have to do is either give us a call or send a mail and rest of the work will be done by us.

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