Digital Newspaper Publishing Software

Digital Newspaper Publishing Software

Are you looking for latest online newspaper publishing software to update your publishing house or newspaper house?

Do you want to convert your traditional publishing into digital one?

If yes, you have come at the right place, we at ZITIMA offer you latest digital newspaper software.


Digital Newspaper Software – Unlocking the Value of Your Publication

ZITIMA is a reliable name in the industry that has come up with innovative digital newspaper software.

Go4 is also one of the latest software available at ZITIMA. Go4 is a GPS enabled service for the print, electronic and digital media houses to collaborate with the infield reporters, journalists and editors for instant news gathering and reporting with no bar on technology or platform. It endows with the platform to publish the live news with the Geo mark. Built in responsive CMS portal is the specialty of the software that can also integrate with your existing website or portal.

It has been developed keeping in mind the requirement of media industry. It is highly configurable and scalable to all types of enterprises.

Our online newspaper publishing software is helpful in transforming physical newspaper, microfiche, microfilms into future proof, ready to access electronic format for safe storage and internal and internet publishing, search, retrieval, knowledge and information mining along with retaining the real look and feel.

Latest solutions and digital software provided by us enable digitized content preserved in industry standard formats keeping in mind the content and information accessibility despite changing technology trends.

Not forget to mention the RedersMagic – an online digital replica solution for publishers.

It is an innovative digital newspaper software help in extending the reach of the publication to audience living anywhere in the world and using digital devices like tablets, smart mobile phones and laptops. It is helpful in complementing your brand with a new set of media rich content enablers. It helps you in converting the paper into a new interactive experience for the subscribers and at the same time create a value add place holders for the print advertisers on the digital platform with rich media widgets.

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