Tablet Education software- iSlate

We at ZITIMA empower teachers and engage students with our unique  mobile learning systems designed for K–12, and university education platform solution.

iSlate solution

iSlate provides a unique, effective mobile learning platform designed by experts for educators and students. Our intuitive and adaptive  system features all of the necessary elements to start a mobile learning program with easy-to-use instructional software, and expert support.

Tablet support.

The tablet education software - iSlate supports multiple tablet platforms like Android based Tablets; iOS based iPads, Windows Tablets.

“From Eyes on Teacher, to App Blocker, to Discussion and chat platform, to dynamically pushing out resources, no other solution offers the system that could impact classroom instruction in the way that iSlate does.”

iSlate platform

iSlate solution is an end to end Education eco-system for the Education institutions for providing an easy and efficient platform for students, educators, coordinators and parents. The solution is designed and organized around existing education system for an easy understanding and adaptability without learning overheads. It aids the teachers in gaining easy-to-use classroom tools that help in formulating lesson plans, prepare quizzes, sharing multimedia resources and analysing student’s progress and also helps in assessing their capabilities.

Highlights of Tablet Education Software (iSlate) features.

  • An Integrated platform

iSlate is an Integrated single platform for Teachers, Students, Parents, Coordinators ,administrative staff & Institutions with user level access control and personalised interface based user roles and responsibilities for an efficient and effective use or operations.

  • More time to teach

The iSlate solution is designed with classroom management tools and controls which helps teachers to focus and teach more effectively and effortlessly by making the things more easier and simpler.

  • Help students stay focused

iSlate enables student to focus and limit the distractions, teacher or coordinator can enforce the app control policy to block the apps and keep students on task. We can define which apps are accessible on the student tablets during class, enabling them to limit students’ access and how they use the tablet.

  • Bring them back to you

Teachers can maintain full control of the class through options like Eyes on Teacher/Eyes on Board and lock down the tablets of the students present in the class and instantly directing attention to them.

  • See who's on task

The student monitor feature helps the teachers in keeping a check on student in real-time and monitoring of their activities in the classroom. It helps in knowing what the students are to and helps in guiding them towards the right path instantly.  It also helps the teacher in knowing which students have attended the classroom session and who haven’t and what apps are currently used by the students.

  • Instant feedback – quick Assessment

The teacher can personalise the instructions and help students with right suggestions  if they have a better understanding of how a student is learning or if they have an issue. Our real-time quick assessment tool with easy-to-use, true false or multiple-choice Quick Poll enables the teachers with option for instant feedback on each student’s level of understanding of subject during an on-going lesson. 
Teachers  can as well initiate free-form responses from the students to evaluate the student on different concepts and aspects.

  • Create, review and distribute assessments

iSlate’s assessment-building  feature provides an extended set of options for teachers to create, review and distribute assessments. Teachers can frame quizzes or tests containing a mix of different types of questioners like multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching answers, short answers and essay questions. Assessments can be scored automatically and reviewed by teacher optionally before the results are made available for students and parents apart from the teacher for analysis and planning on improving of student tutoring for better results.

  • Support

We’re committed to seeing the iSlate System successfully implemented in school and colleges sites. Our Implementation Services team works hand-in-hand with the academicians and Management of the  institution for the successful launch and efficient use. For easy management of devices, we purpose-built an MDM just for the Educational environment. On-going customer support is available by phone, email, directly from the tablet and through an online community.

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