Social Media

Social Media

Social Media is transforming the way we do businesses. While the initial purpose of social media sites was for communicating and connecting people, But it has rapidly got transformed into transformational business tool allowing business to build brands and connect with customers in multiple way.

A good Social Media solution should allow the organizations to build a brand and increase its visibility through building relationships and communicating with customers and prospects. Businesses often start by signing up to multiple social media networks to cover wider audience base. But fail to keep up and maintaining multiple social media networks due to multiple overheads of costs, resources and time.

ZITIMA offers social networking solutions for all types of organisations from small, medium to large enterprises. ZITIMA’s social network solutions are built to use the data and quantify, validate to make better business decisions and build a strong social media strategy for stronger brand presentation and marketing.

ZITIMA offer social networking solutions for various sections of business, like from Marketing. Lead generation, Customer relation enhancement and others.  You would no longer need each of the social media network managed individually and allocate resources individually. With our social media software solutions, you will be in better position to manage multiple social networks from a single console. Our solutions enable you to management the social networks smarter and multicast your post across social networks, as well review and monitor the status, statistics from a single dashboard.  From the same single console you can plan, organise and manage the social content that sparks the conversations a business need, improve customer loyalty by engaging in the conversation surrounding you business on social media network

We at ZITIMA understand that each client engagement is different and need tools that support their distinct social objectives. Our custom social media app development service focuses on the client’s requirements and each social media solution is tailor made to best reach its target audience and achieve its business goals.

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