Go4 - FieldForce

Go4 – FieldForce is a comprehensive SmartPhone based Geo tracking and location aware productivity software solution.

Tracking and efficient utilization of human resources is a critical requirement of any organisation, Field Force tracking has been always a challenge to any organisation across the globe. Be it a large Enterprise or an Small and Medium Enterprise. Efficient tracking of personnel in field is the need for any business in various departments like sales, service and others.

With the growing technology adoption in the mobile make things easy for companies by saving time and money in training and implementation of the ZITIMA’s FieldForce solution. Today almost every one carries a smartphone, with a simple and easy to use mobile app once deployed on to the smartphone of a Sales representative or Service personnel or a Field surveyor or any of the Field Force personnel in any business or industry enable the company to monitor, track and allocate work to the infield personnel efficiently, and benefit by reducing the gaps and lapses in achieving the goal.

Go4 – FieldForce from ZITIMA uses smart and intelligent algorithms enabling the Managers, Supervisors and Admin to monitor and track their infield team in real time enabling them to plan and allocate task minimising travel overheads, and get benefited on time, costs, and increased productivity.  Go4 – FieldForce solution is an location aware smart app with customisable workflow, it can be deployed and configured for different industry verticals lie Insurance, Banking, Sales, Service, logistics, Field Surveying, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, and many others.

The FieldForce app by ZITIMA is a feature rich solution that enables the Infield force to capture and log data as per the requirement of business domains, the SmartApp also helps the infield staff as a personal secretary by reminding about the tasks, meetings and guide the route along with location based insights. All the information and data (Text, Images, Audio, Video, and other including location aware data) captured using the  FieldForce app from ZITIMA and stored on cloud securely for reporting and further analysis.

With Go4 – FieldForce app the business can increase the productivity of Sales, Service personnel by at least 40%-50% by efficient planning of resource and work allocation in real time based on location of resource and target work location and making your field force more accountable.


Track Task

Track meeting, timings and track if the person has actually visited the client location, and for how much time. Also captures the personnel movement on the field, captures the total distance travelled and time spent at various locations by the employee.

Location map guide

Guide the salesrep or support personnel with route and alternate route map along traffic and other details.

Territory Management

Geo-Tagging and Territory Management allows businesses to effortlessly create and allocate territories to employees for better coverage and lower operational cost.

Location Aware

The application intelligently send the notification to user or admin as per the predefined rules based on the location and time. Like staff attendance, work hours and alternate route suggestions.


Customised SOS messages with location information to predefined mobile numbers and quick calling functionality to a pre-defined number.

Live monitoring

From the centralised server the manger or the supervisor can track the movements and location along with other details for optimising or re assessing the priorities and tasks.

Multiple Media format

The app can capture data in various forms and formats like documents scan and pictures can be in Image format, Customer consent and feedback can be in Video and Audio format, along with text in the forms.

Geotagging and Geo Fencing

Managers can create Geo tagging of customer or work and as well mark an area or territory with customer segmentation and employee assignment based on location. Automatic work allocation to employees based on customer’s territory for faster TAT in service.

Automate Field operations with configurable Forms for digital data capture

The customisable form design allows the business to define the field data capture forms, and define a complete automated field business workflow process with one-time configurations and setup.

Notifications and Alerts

Task assignment and update alerts and Location based alerts when the employee is moving in/out of the territory.

Offline availability

The team can use the App to capture the data and information, even when not having any connectivity and sync to cloud once the connectivity is restore.

Mobile payment

With mobile payments option the infield personnel can collect the payments digitally for both security and convenience.


All the data captured in the app is tamper proof and secure. Even the data sync wit cloud is also fully encrypted.

Advance reports and insights

Advanced smart report builder allows you to get information aggregate from various forms used for data collection infield with few clicks.

Integration and API

It can be easily integrated to any existing ERP or CRM solutions, with open APIs it can be integrated with any custom developed applications or solutions.

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