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ZITIMA offers a comprehensive digital delivery platform providing ePaper solution to customers all over the world. With ZITIMA’s ePaper solution, publishers can easily publish their content in a digital newspaper format.

Reflecting on the ever-increasing growth and budding trends in the digital media world, ZITIMA has upgraded its digital publishing solutions enabling publishers to take their digital editions to the next big level and deliver an exceptional reading experience to their users across the globe, while being compatible with every device.

ZITIMA’s digital publishing solution delivers an online reading experience that’s accurate, flexible and secure, all at economic budget for publishers.

The best feature of ePaper is its responsive UI (user interface) for device specific presentation layout. It boosts the user experience on all the devices— ranging from desktops, smart phones, tablets to all other devices.

ePaper gives better feel and look than the standard papers. According to a report, the global ePaper market will expand at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 4 per cent during the period 2016-2020. That’s why many companies are or going to invest soon in ePaper display devices and technologies to make their reach across the globe in a manner preferred by today’s consumers.

The concept of e-paper, a data display that seems to be and works similar to a sheet of paper has been nearly for decades.

Why Turn to ePaper?

The perks to using ePaper are quiteextraordinary. Here are a few of the benefits of using this technology:

  • Economical to manufacture
  • Make use of low energy
  • Easy accessible
  • Fits to all devices
  • Global Reach
  • Rich and Interactive
  • And much more.

ePaper can be a fascinating option that brings severalbenefits for newspapers. In the recent years, print editions have become less popular, all thanks to several news channels running 24*7 and also, all those free online news that can be found effortlessly on many websites.

With ePaper, newspaper publishers can attract a younger audience who might otherwise surf the latest news on the Internet. Nowadays, e-readers have started to grow and become very popular. E-readers can bring many benefits that newsprint can’t. Having the daily news right in your device like a smartphone, tablet, etc. is far more convenient than trying to look for your printed newspaper outside your house

Newspapers aren't only when it comes to the benefits that ePaper can deliver to organizations. Any organizations who are into the business of selling books can also earn through our digital publishing solutions. Organizations who’re into education field can also deliver their e-books at a cost effective price than normal books.

And a move to electronic also has significant positive environmental results. They can promote that their organization is more eco-friendly; all thanks to ePaper technology that don’t need trees being cut down.

Each step in the paper lifecycle – from harvesting trees through the production of inks, paper, printers, and copiers, to delivering those machines and goods to users, to the recycling or other inexorable disposals of the papers and the printers and copiers themselves – has several environment costs.

Overall, electronic publishing has a number ofbenefits over paper printing that organizationscan’t afford to ignore them. And the biggest may be the prospect to build a comprehensive program supporting tablets, which delivernumerous potential business benefits, across the organization, converting the organization into today’s— a 21st-century mobile enterprise.

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