Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

ZITIMA help the transport and logistics leaders work better with an increased network capacity.

Whether it's Innovation, Cost saving, or Reduction of the environmental foot print, ZITIMA's expertise  in the domain help the business excel to achieve the results and thus reap the benefits.

The Solutions and Services offered by ZITIMA are build keeping in view the pain points and all the operational aspects like dynamic Route planning, Analytics, Live performance Tracking against Planned aspects, better control of Operations, Route optimisation, Load planning, On-time delivery,  Improve Supply chain visibility and others.

Our solutions support 3PL/4PL (Third Party and Fourth Party) logistics and distribution service providers around the world to drive productivity improvement and set on-time delivery benchmarks. With our Industry expertise we can assist to integrate various parts of complex transport management system.


Fleet and Asset Management: 

We offer services and solutions for Transport Infrastructure providers, Carriers, and other Vendors for their Fleet management and tracking challenges in an efficient manner, keeping the costs optimised and in control. At ZITIMA our team experts with deep technology expertise and good domain knowledge help leaders of Transportation and Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and other service providers in this business domain to optimise on the costs, time, loads and plan to improve asset allocation and utilisation for increased asset availability with smart monitoring.

Few of service offerings:

  • Track, monitor vehicle movement using geo-spatial devices
  • Intelligent driver scorecard for safety and productivity
  • Geo-fencing and geo-tagging of vehicles
  • Supply chain visibility services
  • Route optimisation and driving monitoring and improvement
  • Smart analytics and insights for advanced predictability of disruptions and downtime.

Outbound Logistics

We help our transportation and logistics clients to plan and define strategies to implement various solutions for effective and efficient business operations with a competitive advantage. Our innovative IT solutions and services enable planning, storage, retrieval, maintenance and status checks resulting higher cost savings, higher throughput, with accurate reports for best decisions/planning. Our web and mobile based solutions lets the businesses plan, communicate and track the fleet for predictable and accurate delivery time.

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