GPS Based News Workflow

  • Are you a news agency who has to stand in the queue of agencies that have to wait for some more time to publish the latest news?
  • Are you reporters and journalists getting late to deliver the new information and reports?
  • Do you want to manage and track your field journalists to collect and retrieve the news from the location through mobile to send to studio or editor for the further processing?

If yes, then we at ZITIMA have come up with comprehensive and precise solutions in the form of GPS based news workflow. We have in-house team of developers and programmers who have expertise enough in providing you bespoke GPS based news workflow solutions through amazing and innovative software. Go4 is also one of them that has been churned out by our team of experienced developers.

GPS Based News Workflow and Solutions for the Managing and Tracking of On Field Journalists

ZITIMA always developed something different and innovative that can revolutionize the digital world. Development of Go4 is also something like that. The amazing software is based on GPS to provide amazing services and solutions to news agencies to manage and track on field journalist for collecting and retrieving the news from the location u mobile devices like (Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop) and send to studio or editors or even to directly publishing online on portal with image/video and audio.

The amazing and innovative solution brings to you amazing benefits. For the news or media agencies that want to be the first and fastest in getting the news and deliver, using the smart and latest technology that are already part of the digital social life style, asking for Go4 at ZITIMA is certainly the right decision.

Go4 – the GPS based news workflow system, has truly revolutionized the industry by providing numerous added benefits to media and publishing houses.

For this amazing product what all you have to do is simply give us a call or send a mail and our team will do the rest. Providing you the best services and bespoke software solutions is our main motive; for that we leave no stone unturned.

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