Retail & e-Commerce

Retail & e-Commerce

We help our clients to Rethink Retail without Boundaries

Our clients deliver greater Shopping and Buying experience for customers with the help of our technology and innovation in the retail enterprises. We walk the path with the clients for understanding their customers and providing cohesive experience across channels and help them operate the enterprise better and benefit.

We assist stores in optimising merchandising, prices and fine-tune inventory planning with improved supply chain efficiencies to maximise customer satisfaction with better customer service and next generation smart PoS systems and product stock and demand forecasting amid increasing competitions for increased customer retention and profits.

Even speciality stores embrace our solution to be ready for the future of shopping. We assist the speciality retailers in delivering the enhanced concepts and solutions for meeting their customer experiences.

The Store of the Future

Today the consumer has multiple options for shopping and they are always looking for a better experience at their convenience whenever and wherever they are.

The retailers have to compete with other retailers local or global alike and keep up with the rapidly changing digital trends to meet the customer demands and experiences. The retailers need to offer a unified experience for both physical and digital shopping stores. ZITIMA helps retailers be ready for such challenges to turn them into new business opportunities.

We help the client prepared for the changing trends and challenges. We help building better connected and innovative shopping experience with convenience and retain their trust and earn loyalty.

The Internet of Things can help the retail industry in transforming the shopping experience into a new entertaining and exiting experience. With the help of data and insights for better understand of the customer and providing best experience. The physical or online store can use our various solutions like augmented reality based shopping, virtual product trial and experience, along with personalised smart alerts, reviews and many others.

We help you build and transform your store for future readiness.

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