Advances Smart Telematics Solution

Smart Telematics

Go4 is a smart telematics and mobility platform with rich algorithms and customisable features and options that enables multiple services and solutions for various industry requirements.

Technology is driving the pace of change. We work in partnership with multiple manufacturers and industry leaders worldwide offering full range of competitive service and solutions bridging the traditional telematics, connected multimedia, combined with latest industry trends and smart solutions for the current problems and competitive environment.

Industry wise Telematics Solutions Include:

  • News and Media
    • Citizen journalism
    • Live New gathering and broad casting
  • FleetPro
    • Supply Chain management
    • Travel and Logistics
    • Cargo and Asset Tracking
  • Others
    • In field sales force
    • CRM service force

Our advance Telematics & Mobility solution framework will delve into industry requirements using technology for better customer experiences, potential savings of time and resources coupled with better revenues.

Go4 is built to fill the needs of various Industries and is highly configurable and scalable to all types of enterprises, be it small, medium or a large. Go4 is not a data or information collection system or simple GPS tracker, It is a complete suite of services which can be configured for specific business requirement of any Industry.

Go4 solutions are designed to work on Mobile, tablet and Desktop platforms.

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