Custom Software Development

ZITIMA offers Elite Custom Application Development Services to Cater Your Business Needs

ZITIMA is a boutique outsourcing company providing a gorgedarray of custom software development services for a vast variety of verticals and business areas.

No matter whether you’re a start-up or a well-known business, we will be pleased to help you at all the different stages of the software development life cycle: from planning, business analysis and designing to the development and operation of a complete solution.

Custom Development Services That Your Business Need

At ZITIMA, we don't only build custom software; we develop and deliver solutions to cater all your business problems and requirements.

We house a decade-long success record and the trust of the leading brands and businesses.

ZITIMA offers custom software development services to our esteemed clients to assist bridge their business needs not effectively fulfilled by different pre-packaged software solutions available in the market. We believe in working closely with clients to get familiar with their business objectives, identify their software needs, and act interactively with clients to create specifications, check and assimilate the custom software solution across the enterprise systems and platforms of the clients including cloud, the internet, and different systems.

With the assistance of our experienced teams- we architect, design and develop solutions that let client systems work optimally and function impeccably.

Software Development Principles at ZITIMA

Iterative, low-risk swift approach

Our methods let us to swiftly develop multifaceted applications, competently handle changing necessities, and enhance the overall product quality with the assistance of a thorough QA process.

Ease-of-use and best usability

Our team of experts ensures that your app is clear-cut, smooth, sensitive, and easy to navigate on all the devices.

Data and information security

We make every effort to employ strict security controls for the products developed by us in order to avoid cross-site scripting attacks and SQL injections.

Flawless backend integration

Having a plethora of experience and expertise in coping with intricate enterprise-grade backends and the knowledge and expertise, we make sure your backend's interoperability, scalability, and speed.

Our custom software development services assist clients to develop and incorporate complicated business applications and sites with latest and bequest systems. We build and set up robust, extendable and scalable architectures for exploiting in a vast range of industries.

Our team of experts has taken part in oodles of software development projects and delivering them successfully. We are experienced and well-skilled in creating progressive systems with advanced business logic dealing with big amounts of data and dealings. ZITIMA offers a pioneering, and reliable custom software development services to complement all your knotty business ideas and needs.

Software Development Services offered by ZITIMA includes the following process

  • Component Design and Integration
  • Customization Services
  • Documentation
  • Full Product Testing Cycle
  • Implementation and Support
  • Problem Solving
  • Product Design and Development
  • Product Support
  • Product Visualization
  • Prototyping
  • Software Research and Development
  • Testing services which span multiple types of testing

We are providing following custom software development services and software product development services

Overall Software Development Process


We set up a robust foundation by firmly undergoing the requirement and by summarizing a complete step-by-step methodology.


An efficient software development process comprises of recognition of strong technology and software development tools, outcome-based and time-bound methodologies and the creation of teams with the correct mix of expertise and experience.

Process methodology

All the software development process in ZITIMA is treated exclusively. The process is then processed out with a particular method, with the assistance of our own proven techniques and experience achieved over years of development.


With the assistance of a conventional monitoring and reporting procedure prepared, we make sure the regular monitoring of the software product development cycle.

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