Digital Magazine Publishing Software

Digital Magazine Publishing Software

A Publishing house or Newspaper agencies they all depend on the physical copies of write-ups and news published for distribution. They are correct at their place, but current time demands changes and modification to keep pace with the fast pacing digital world and competition in every domain is getting tougher day by day. Transforming the business into digital mode along with the print publication has become the need of the hour for publishers. Mobile and Tablet users are set to overtake desktops, and they prefer to read magazines, newspapers and newsletters on their mobiles, tablets and laptops from any location and anytime.

We at ZITIMA have built solutions to handle the outcome and effect of such transformation; we have come up with services to convert your magazines into digital magazines, your newspaper into ePaper to access anywhere and anytime. Our core software development and programming team have churned out the best way of magazine publishing through our advanced and innovative software (ReadersMagic).

ReadersMagic is our latest online platforms for digital magazine publishing - counted as an ideal platform for publishers globally that help readers browse and read magazines, newspapers, books, journals and other write-ups into an innovative way. Being one of the latest online digital replica solution for publishers from ZITIMA, ReadersMagic helps publishers to extend the reach of the publication to global audience living any part of the world, as well build and open additional revenue channels for the publishers.

Our latest software complements your brand with a new set of media rich content enablers. With the help of our platform you can convert the magazine or paper into a new interactive experience for the subscribers and at the same time create a value add place holders for the print advertisers on the digital platform with rich media widgets that include GPS based mark-ups, 360 degree viewer, virtual tours, polls, surveys, embedded e-commerce carts and the list goes on.

There are numerous added benefits associated with the amazing software. Our main motive behind the development of the digital magazine publishing software is to provide you access to publish your content online for digital world.

To try our services, you can give us a call or send us a mail and we take care of the rest of the work.

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