Digital Education Software Solution

Digital Education Software Solutions

iSlate is at the forefront in the evolution of 21st century’s education

iSlate is revolutionizing the complete education ecosystem by building and making the best use of online solutions and digital products.

What’s iSlate?

iSlate is a radical innovation in the field of education. ZITIMA offers an innovative world of teaching and learning using the digital interactive learning platform-iSlate. It’s not merely a Computer based tutor/teaching (CBT); rather an iSlate is a creative digital solution in the education field making it fun for both teachers and students. It’s not just a simple education; it’s a comprehensive digital education ecosystem.

The Story of Digital Education

Education worldwide is one of the significant fields to observe the revolutionary changes in the recent times. Digital Education is the cure for this abhorrence of education across the world. With wise coverage over different means of communication, it becomes an instinctive choice to learn even for those residing in the hinterlands. And this is where iSlate offered by ZITIMA comes into play.

iSlate has made best efforts to take education from the paper to the pixel.

As a pioneer in revolutionizing digital education, iSlate has given a revolutionary change in the traditional ways of teaching and learning with its excellent innovations in the digital space. ZITIMA takes pride in having built a legacy of launching latest technology to let teachers teach in new ways and children to learn in new ways.

iSlate help schools to leapfrog towards a better model of teaching and learning. The quality of education and ever-increasing learning outcomes are the spin-offs of a blend of never before features, letting the schools integrate, create, nourish, and enhance a complete 360-degree relationship with students and delivering them the best learning experience.

iSlate offers 4 Modules -

Student module

  • Interactive digital textbooks
  • Canvas for practice and notes
  • Student community forums
  • Diary & Time table
  • Learn from (Audio or Video lectures)
  • Tests (Practice and Periodic tests) and assignments

Teacher module

  • Attendance
  • Interactive textbooks
  • Assignment creating and review
  • Student performance chart and report
  • Learning content creation
  • A communication module for teacher to teacher, teacher to student, teacher to parent interaction.

Parent module

  • Student performance chart and report.
  • Student Diary
  • Notice board
  • Communication module for teacher to parent interaction.


  • Student registration
  • Teacher allocation
  • Time Table creation
  • Content policing
  • Tech Support
  • Notice board and announcements

How Can ZITIMA Help?

There are many countries where mobile penetration is looming a billion people which makes the potential to digitally educate the crowds seems very rich. Over the last decade, there has been a significant rise in the Digital and Live Virtual Classrooms at several levels of learning. With the development of technologies such as data centers, cloud, and virtualization there is vast potential for technology to be incorporated with the Education Industry.

iSlate, a ZITIMA’s product is a complete interactive solution for teaching and learning for both teachers and students. With iSlate-an innovative digital learning software platform, you can boost your kid’s learning ability to a higher level compared to legacy practices through it’s learn by visual and interactive experience.

Using ZITIMA’s digital classroom software iSlate can make learning more fun, informative and interesting.

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