The working environment for global organizations is gradually getting more complex. Though IT is no longer a support function in a company, conversion of functional areas needs to be in accordance with the business strategy as well. As change becomes the new norm in the tough competitive business world, organizations today need to revive in order to outshine.

How ZITIMA Helps?

ZITIMA helps you accomplish and sustain this success through functional, strategic, and process transformation that allows you increase effectiveness, improve performance, reduce costs and boost resilience.

We introduce important edge practices and provide business advisory, IT consulting, business and functional transformation, risk and compliance services to a number of the world's leading organisations, and institutions.

In the role of a trusted consulting service provider, ZITIMA consistently delivers solutions that are implementable, measurable, and customizable to your needs. ZITIMA's transformational approach assists organizations acquire value through disruptive growth, innovation, and business efficiency, while diverting the focus from Optimized Operations to devoting in Changing-The-Business.

ZITIMA offers quality services in the following areas:
  • Customer solutions
  • IT Cost optimization
  • Business/IT strategy

Customer Solutions

Usually, the solutions are employed for a technology upgrade. Every business is different and so are their requirements. They have different type of questions like

  • How to manage cost?
  • How to increase conversion rate?
  • How to improve customer retention?

Every question needs a solution, and this is where ZITIMA comes into action. The customer solutions team at ZITIMA emphasis on several business issues that makes a direct impact on the performance of your organization, and the technologies which are the core of your business. We endeavor to provide well-coordinated, integrated, and customer-centric solutions that will in return give you better business outcomes.

IT Cost Optimization

ZITIMA understands that companies today need best practice-driven solutions that are capable of solving important business problems whereas reducing the overall costs at the same time. Nowhere is this truer than when it is about your data initiatives.

ZITIMA’s IT cost optimization services incorporated established methodologies for cost reduction and look after the efficiency that map back to your particular strategic needs and budget. The assessment carried out by us for the integration cost reduction will give you a brief insight into the present state of your integration and data management processes and infrastructure – stressing particular cost reduction areas. We write down your current technical and business landscape, including business processes, strategy, data governance, resources, practices, business organization, integration areas, and resources.

ZITIMA’s Cost Optimization Services Give You Instant Cost Savings, Always

For evaluating the current business processes, infrastructures and related proposals, ZITIMA makes use of the standard templates to collect the insight on possible areas in your exclusive business environment for technology, process, and performance improvement. Depending on an understanding of the present state, due projects, and preferred end state goals, ZITIMA will reckon our proven methodologies to make all the actionable recommendations based on priorities, gaps, and external best practices.

ZITIMA’s standard templates, proven methodologies and best practice approach have all been planned designed with one objective in mind: to provide cost savings and outcomes quickly.

Business-IT Strategy

IT is increasingly a key catalyst of business growth and transformation and requirements that play an essentially different role as it partners with the business. IT-enabled businesses help in fostering the products and innovation, and promote customer-directed growth. ZITIMA helps clients grasp the full potential of their IT as they plunge into the leading change and growth initiatives.

We develop business strategies and target operating models that assist organisations and business generate new value and handle change all the way through their organisation.

By working directly with clients, our consultants assists your business to define new innovative target operating models to steer the business transformations required to attain success. Our teams are macro and our consultants’ experience and expertise are robust.

We help you to embark on top technology-dependent development or change to know the best possible future state of IT, aligned perfectly with business requirements, and to create an execution proposal.

We guide our clients towards answering to 4 crucial questions
  • What are the present states and future hopes of technology capabilities?
  • How does the technology allow the business vision today and ahead?
  • How can we end the technology gaps?
  • How do we deliver on the future status, taking budgets and challenging investment priorities into consideration?

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