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An online digital newsstand to browse/download to desktops, tablets, mobiles and read newspapers, magazines, journals and books from around the world on the same day they are published, often before they hit the regular newsstands.

ReadersHub (powered by ZITIMA) a publication directory and store of international Magazines, Journals, Books and Newspapers from all over the world. Our magazine and newspaper listings are categorized not only by their country of origin, but are also sub-categorized by topic - be it Lifestyle, art, business, travel and more.

ZITIMA's digital newsstand platform, ReadersHub delivers the digital publications to Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones/Mobile devices and to the increasingly popular electronic e-book Readers.

ReadersHub's flexible subscription system provides you with a superior and user friendly options you subscribers would want when ordering your titles. Readers can buy subscriptions, potentially by the month or year or single copy or in other forms. We let you just buy magazines by the copy if that's what you prefer. This is excellent both for gift subscriptions and also just for yourself.

ReadersHub  is one of the best digital newsstand and book-store. With its many digital products and services, it creates better ways for people to discover published content, get more of it and do more with it.

ReadersHub will help Publishers to get their titles in front of the people who increasingly are turning to devices like iPads, Tablets, eReaders and Smartphones/mobiles to read books, magazines, journals and newspapers. The stakes are high for publishers to find more ways to make money online.

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