The business of digital magazine is successful

The digital publishing platform for Magazines and newspapers is proving to be attractive for both publishers and advertisers as the readership for the digital content is growing. There have been many predictions for digital magazines how they will grow; the revenue generation estimation and time frame for achieving the same. These predictions are important for the publisher to be prepared for future. The digital publishing provides platform of global reach. Global reach results in more subscribers, global subscribers higher subscription/advertisement opportunities/revenues.

The encouraging fact is that the readers are having a positive perception about the digital magazines and newspapers. Compared to the internet where people are used to doing everything for free, but with the tablets they tend to be more prepared to pay for content. The experience of reading on tablet is similar to a magazine. With the comfort and a sit back experience people seem more will to pay.

The emerging newsstand store make things more easy and simple for people to purchase the preferred content with wide choices and global options. With the wider options the market of digital magazine apps is growing by 30% on average over past year, some of the publishers seeing much higher downloads than others. The digital platform is multi-device opportunity with growing smartphones and different tablet sizes in addition to web.

The digital interactive magazines are more attractive and the advertisers are also having growing interest and are creating interactive advertisements which to increase user engagement.

The Digital publishing solutions from ZITIMA, Readers Magic is an interactive app including many value added media-rich, features like Video, Audio, Sideshow, Interactive Advertisements, 360 Degree View and Virtual tours.

In addition to the media-rich features for advertisers for new advertisement opportunities for more user engagement, the publishers are equipped with embedded options like Polls and Surveys for collecting subscriber views and engagement.

Readers Magic publishing solution even provides an embedded/integrated shopping cart option for subscribers to do the shopping without leaving the digital magazine being read. With options like this the advertiser will be able do more than just static print advertisement or plain banner but actually show case the products on an interactive platform and even sell the products and items directly from the digital magazine itself without leaving the reading experience.

The Readers Magic features include push notification for custom messaging, Videos, Audio, Photo slide show, Virtual tours, 360 Degree product view, GPS mark mark-up with directions and many more..

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