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Digital Publishing solutions for readers and publishers have become the need of the hour with the decreasing print circulation and advertisement opportunities in the print. More and more people are using internet and rapidly adopting the social, digital revolution, Internet and digital gadgets have become the part of the daily life. To catch up with the moving trends and technology the publications and media houses have to start adopting the new technology based approached to offer a better platform to its subscribers. Digital publishing solution is a complementary solution in addition to the existing mode of service. Today publisher are serving their subscribers on different digital platforms and devices

ReadersMagic by ZITIMA – Innovative Digital Publishing Solution

When it comes to digital publishing solutions, ZITIMA’s digital publishing solution ReadersMagic brings you wide digital platform support for wider subscriber reachability. ReaderMagic is the result of hard efforts and dedication of our team. It is a digital cross platform for the publishers around the world that helps publishers to publish their magazines, newspaper, books and journals through this amazing platform that support all the latest operating systems.

Being an innovative online digital replica solution for publishers, it is helpful in extending the reach of audience living anywhere on latest gadgets like Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. Complementing your brand with an innovative set of media rich content enablers, our unique publishing solution is helpful in converting paper into a new interactive experience for subscribers, and opens up new advertisement channels benefiting the Subscriber, Advertiser and Publisher.

It also creates a value add place holders for the print advertisers on the digital platform with rich media widgets that include Video, Audio Integration, Photo gallery, embedded eCommerce , GPS mark-up, 360 degree viewers, Virtual Tours, Polls, Contests and the list goes on.

ReadersHub – An Innovative Online Digital Newsstand

ReadersHub is an innovative online digital newsstand for publishers to publish their Magazines, Newspapers, Journal, and Books from around the world for browsing and downloading on desktops, Laptops, tablets, mobiles, etc. on the same day they are published. ReadersHub is a one place market with global subscriber base. Publishing on the ReadersHub platform will provide global audience and advertisement channel for the publisher.

ReadersHub is available on multiple platforms with a wider reachability for the subscribers. Publishing on ReadersHub will automatically get you the coverage on latest digital platforms with preloaded global audience. ReadersHub is available on Desktops, Tablet, and Smart phones, you can find ReadersHub on iPhone,iPad, Android Smart phones and tablets apart from the web. Being one of the best newsstand and bookstores, ReaderHub also creates better ways for people to discover published content and help publishers get their titles in front of people who are using latest devices to read books, newspapers, magazines, etc.

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