Magazine publishing online

360 Degree publishing

Publishing interactive digital magazines, newspapers, journal and eBooks on web and mobile has never been easier! At ZITIMA we offer online magazine software, a multi-dimensional publishing and user engagement solution for publishers as part of our product offerings. ZITIMA’s ReadersMagic solution is designed with publisher’s perspective for managing multiple publications from a single control panel and publishing on to multiple platforms from a single click with the ease. The complete digital publishing from Web, Mobile web to Mobile Apps and Social media platforms can be managed from a single platform.

All-in-one digital solution

ZITIMA offers a unique suite of tools and services to help you get the content to the readers, optimized for the user device and platform. Whether you are looking to digitize your publication into a digital edition, publish to social networks, convert documents into eReader friendly formats or create a native App and mobile publish. We can make it easier for you than anyone else.


Bring your publication to life with interactive features like Video (movies, intros and other clippings), Audio (music, voiceover..), GPS and Geo Tagging, Photo slide and photo gallery, 360degree product view, eMbeded ecommerce, Polls, Surveys and many more  to make the publication live and interactive with out online magazine publishing software.

Anywhere and Everywhere, Local publishing and Global reach.

Our digital publishing platform generates the digital editions, ready for the readers globally on various platforms like desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. The content can be published on to web, native apps, and eReaders and more.  Let it be a publication house with single title or publishing house with multiple titles we at ZITIMA provide you a one stop End-to-End solution for newspaper or magazine publishing online on the website or to a digital newsstand to reach your readers anywhere and on any device.

ZITIMA Mobile Apps and publishing

ZITIMA’s Mobile Apps provides you with an option to engage with users on tablets, mobiles /smartphone devices with our digital newsstand app or a custom branded native App. Your readers will be able to surf and download the content you published for the mobile platform, so they can read the digital interactive content at a later time that suits them even if they offline.

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