ZITIMA in 20 Most Promising Agile Solution Provider Companies in India - 2016

Jul, 2016

The Better Tomorrow is Here

Earlier this year a media company uploaded an advertisement in YouTube which starts with a visual of a newspaper floating in rainwater and quoted besides - 'First things first, the newspaper is dead'. The precise portrayal of printed news media hit the internet. Witnessing the global market plummet, many media organizations had re-planted themselves into internet platform in last few years. So as 'Am730', the Chinese daily newspaper, ranked third in the country entailed a rescue.

Zitima Techno Solutions, a company focused in business redeems not only helped the Chinese firm to carve a matchless online platform, but also enabled them to place digital ads, audio & video integrations, poll questions, images galleries, Geo Markups, digital subscriptions and much more, using its signature product, ReadersMagic. As a rebellion to many other companies in the sphere who enforce the customer with trust-words assorted with half-baked ideas, Zitima manifests the value proposition through its success index. This custom towards the clientele makes the company's products and services stand out from the rest. "Being 'better' than someone else won't get you very far, rather offering solutions that are useful for customers and makes their work easier is something that makes a difference," asserts Santosh Krishna Baddevolu, Director, Zitima Techno Solutions.

The Excellence Factory

Timely validations, assessments and proper utilization of resources at various stages sculpture a matchless process execution and results at minimal cost. Even with the overheads, implementation of outdated methods might fail because of organizational structure and distribution of resources geographically among others. Zitima's flagship product, iDesk is an integrated platform for organizational collaboration and effective process execution and resources with real-time and handy information for quick audit, analysis, and reviews for corrections in the process,which helps to achieve the defined goal. iDesk also enables budgeting, planning, resource allocation, automatic tracking & alerting for deviation, adherence of the process with automated audit checks and various reports with detailed analysis.

Realizing that one size never fits all, the company initially comprehends the organizational structure, pain points and requirements along with client's internal team and then leads the play. "Above all, we focus on quality commitment and customer satisfaction. That's why we go above and beyond in serving our esteemed clients and winning their loyalty," adjoins Mulpuri Pradeep Chaudhary, Director, Zitima Techno Solutions. The strong product base built by the organization includes some handy artefacts such as iSlate - a digital interactive learning platform and Social Media Software - a platform that efficiently guides companies through social media.

Long Roads Ahead

As a brainchild of Pradeep Chaudhary and Santosh Krishna, Zitima was born in 2012. "We strive to maintain an open culture, in which every employee is a concrete contributor and feels comfortable sharing opinions and ideas," adds Santosh. Owing to the workforce brought up in this passion and the versatile business models including hosted service, pay-as-you-go and license model that would suit every client's needs and budget, the company has attracted many returning and referral customers such as RIC Media(Russia), Lekha Foods(India), Sysorex Global Holdings(USA), AIATSIS(Australia), Qatar Today (Qatar), STAND(Croatia) and Alosrah(Saudi Arabia) across 13 countries.

"Very soon we are introducing a GPS-based tracking and communicating application which can be used in any trade vertical," explains Pradeep Chaudhary. Possessing the wealth of customizable solutions, Zitima is keen on expanding its services to new industries and more geographical territories.


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