24 Mar 2016
Digital Education

Digital Education Technological Innovations

Education is a lifelong process and has been imparted in traditional ways since ages. Since the advent of technology, there have been technological innovations in this sector too. There is an ever growing demand for infusing technology into education and it has been rightfully adapted today. With the rapid evolution of technology, it has managed to lay down its effects in education in a wide manner. For this reason, there has been an evolution of new technologies for teaching and learning purpose. There have been various technological innovations in the education sector. Gone are the days of the regular black or green boards and chalks.

Innovations like projectors have merged which is highly beneficial for students as well as for teachers. In this system, teachers can explain subjects better with the help of images that is projected in an interactive whiteboard. It is a very useful device for learning and has been very beneficial in imparting knowledge. There have been other innovations like students response system. Here the students can respond and answer questions in the classroom. Tablet computing has emerged in a great manner off late. It is also very easy for students to carry a tablet along as it is easily portable. You can easily collect and also share data through the tablet while sitting in a classroom. The advent of e-books has paved way for less use of books and has also helped in saving paper. These innovations have changed the entire education scenario.

No change can be adapted without issues raised. Here too, there have been issues faced due to the changes. The integration of new technologies while teaching has been a bit difficult for few teachers who have an inadequate technological knowledge. Some are also quite resistant towards change and has found it difficult to incorporate the changes. Some individuals have also found a gap between delivering personalized teaching and technologies doing it for them. These issues have emerged since the infusing of technology in education.  But these issues have been met with adequacy as it has been found to be much more beneficial in imparting knowledge than otherwise.
There has been a huge impact of these innovations. It has helped students learn better as they are now able to view what they are been taught at the same time. It also has helped in promoting the habit the self-learning among students. You can now solve any queries just with the help of a single click. The e-books are always updated in real time, thus providing you the latest information available worldwide. The teachers now can bring in new innovations while teaching and incorporate new and exciting ways of teaching. With the use of graphics, videos, images it is much easier to deliver lessons than otherwise. Now you can also learn at the same time give examinations sitting at anywhere and at any time. You can also avail distance learning where you can learn online and also appear for examinations online. Technological advancements in education have narrowed the gap between accessing information and also learning.

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