20 May 2016
Custom Software development

Six Benefits of Using Custom Software to Run Your Business

Custom Made software alike all the custom made luxuries in the world, offers the best for a business. Let’s take a look at why you should be using a Custom Software Tailored for Your Business instead of buying a Retail Package.

1. Customization:

First and foremost, it provides you with the ultimate control of your business.

It’s something only a Custom Software can offer. No Retail Software can provide you with everything that suits your tastes and needs. In a Custom Software Development, you can choose from what are your requirements, what details would you like to monitor, what service you wish to provide, how your software UI feels and looks like, to even monitoring your employee’s browsing history.

2. Compatibility:

Most people often find themselves in trouble when they find that the retail software they bought isn’t compatible with their existing systems. This is a major pitfall when people goes for an upgrade of their existing software or decides to add new hardware to meet their requirement and ends up buying something which later proves incompatible.

This issue can never occur with custom designed software. Not only all custom software(s) are tailored completely to suit the systems than run your business but also they are made to support possible near-future upgrades.

Using a Custom Software allows you to take maximum advantage of your hardware capabilities, which mostly is never achieved with Retail Software.

3. Security:

The foremost factor of great importance in all serious business organizations is the security. Software made especially for your business, from a quality vendor will be a lot more secure than a Retail one. It’s because, since it’s made with the sole intention of suiting your digital systems, there’s almost an extremely low to zero chances that similar software will be made elsewhere. Which results in lower intrusion possibilities as nobody else is using the same software and thus nobody gets to experiment intrusion without getting noticed.

For example, take a look at websites that’s been hacked, most of it can be traced to either an Apache Server or Windows Server running PHP or SQL. They have higher chances of getting hacked because 99% of the websites all over the world run using the same and the software is easily accessible for hackers to practice on and know what loopholes it has before launching the real attack.

The custom software eliminates this possibility. And your confidential data will be a lot safer when it’s handled by a Custom Software Developed especially for you.

4. Reliability:

Statistically, custom software(s) designed for a particular business are known to have a lot fewer system crashes, errors, and downtimes than their Retail Counterparts. This solely depends on how good the software was designed for the present hardware and its functional capabilities.

This factor eliminates 90% of the problems that might arise otherwise.

Most retail software(s) fall prey to crashes due to undesired hardware conflicts.

This is a rare occurrence in any Custom Software designed particularly to run on the given hardware.

If your business relies heavily on timely service and can’t afford crashes, hangs or downtime, its time you move onto a Custom Software Made especially for your business.

5. Speed and Optimization:

If your business depends a lot on the data transfer your digital systems handle, then its very crucial how well it is handled and how quickly its handled.

The beauty of having a Custom Software Developed for your Business is that, it saves a lot of hassle for you.

Let’s say your business is dependent on lots of data your system handles, then it’s very important how your software manages it since pushing your hardware to its limit when it isn’t actually necessary is easy for a poorly designed software.

Consider this; a Retail Software implies an Algorithm designed to work with different systems which make it definitely slow due to lack of optimization. These algorithms have no guarantee of working the most efficient way.

Whereas a Custom Software is designed and pre-optimized for the tasks it needs to perform with maximum efficiency.

This means more work at fewer hardware expenses.

6. Support:

You might experience a lot of difficulties when met with troubles in the systems running a Retail Software. And while seeking for their customer support, it usually ends up with something less than satisfactory.

Custom software, in this case, provides you with extremely helpful and personalized customer support.

They value their customers and they have complete awareness of factors that could be causing the problems for your system. And this makes it very easy to troubleshoot any problem that could arise.

They also provide you with a software upgrade and patches in case you decide to extend your systems or add new hardware(s).

Custom Software Development is what you should look forward into investing if your business can’t give any less importance to the digital systems it uses. It’s a one-time investment that can not only prevent great losses but also provide you with unmatchable efficiency and control of your business.

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