27 May 2016

Digital Magazine: It’s Benefits in a Nutshell

Digital content is the future of Internet media. We are stepping into a new era with fostering technological innovations. Today, printed magazines may be completely gone in the next 5-10 years. Magazines are going online in a rapid progression.

It’s difficult to think of the world where all of our important information and data is stored safely and digitally. The thought and concept of reusing and ‘Go Green’ are stronger by day which is the actual reason why a digital magazine makes sense completely.

The magazine industry is at the starting phase of Resurgence. Digital magazines are the hottest topic of industry procedures, digital magazine publishing platforms flourish, and huge retail partners including Google, Amazon and Apple are enticing magazine publishers with their amiable siren songs.

What Are A Few Of The Benefit Of Going Digital?

Digital magazines are at the top edge of web 2.0 revolution. They make their conventional reader values with supreme interaction, longevity, timeliness, value and environmental scruples. Regrettably, many stalwarts of the advertising and media industries are still unaware and haven’t completely grasped the excellence and ensuing impact of digital magazines.

Going digital includes several benefits. With digital magazines, organizations can ignore mostly the time-consuming and costly printing process. It helps to cover the important events in a timelier manner. Printing space isn’t restricted by a limited set number of pages anymore with a digital magazine.

Digital Magazine: Beyond a Simple Web Page

Printed and Digital magazines— both have significant importance. In taking the best from both the printed and digital worlds, a digital magazine offers a unique value proposition which is understood slowly only by the advertisers and marketers.

The publishing industry is ever-changing in today’s era, and the opportunities for different aspects of the industry are huge. Apart from the brilliant potentials, the modern technology offers to advertisers and publishers, the real winners will eventually be the end-users. Readers have very much to look forward to the approaching future, and the potentials have not even commenced. Among the several extra benefits that digital magazine media provide to readers when compared to traditional print, here is a compilation of top 7 benefits of investing in the digital magazine.

Persistence: As long as the publisher wants and allows, digital magazines remain available. In the same way, an advertiser’s message remains readily available longer than it would be available in print. Online magazines persevere with giving. Many publishers maintain the back issues readily available online, so that the target audience for a particular issue continues to grow up over time.

Eco-friendly: There is no ink, paper or chemicals used in the digital magazines. They don’t block any landfill. Even small magazine editions say having 65 pages, and a limited circulation of 20k, consumes over 12 tons of paper with every issue.

Interactive: Digital magazines can offer links to your website for quick access or ordering. Additionally, your imagery message can be improved with video or animation for sensitive and personal impact.

Search Engine Friendly: The biggest benefit of digital magazines are that it can be indexed easily by leading search engines, giving yet another way to entice readers to your target message. Readers who want specific latest information can turn up or arrive at a digital magazine page simply as they may at a website.

Cost-effective: When compared to printed magazines, publicity bucks are not paying to fund 3-4 copies for every one sold on a newsstand, other than their eventual disposal and transportation.

Swift, reliable access: Digital magazines are dynamic. They can be instantly accessed and read on tablets, smartphones, and other digital magazine platforms, anywhere and anytime. They can be digitally stored and shared immediately with a single click. Digital magazines deliver real-time information to readers rapidly. There is no longer a delay between occasion/happening/incident and publication.

Global Audience Reach: Digital publishing has the benefit of reaching readers ahead of local boundaries. It has become an influential way to sustain reader’s interest and preserve reader loyalty even if they have moved to any another location – you can still make your magazine reach to anywhere readers are by delivering them access to printed magazine via your digital edition.

No Revenue Loss from Unsold Stock: Digital publishing allows you to sell out the copies of your latest issues without having the cost and logistics linked with unsold copies.

In consequence of the above-mentioned factors, digital magazines are – or may be –have a broader reach, less expensive, and offer improved & higher ROI. Digital magazines aren’t conditional on hidden limitations like fulfillment costs and folio counts, ink costs and climbing paper and additional physical challenges. They are not dependent on import or export limitations and are promptly available to a far wider reader and audience. They give faster, more, and cost less.

**A Bonus Suggestion**

If you want to grab the attention of today’s readers, digital magazines need to be a keystone in your advertising strategy.

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