26 Jun 2013

Native advertising outperforms banner ads.

In a research by an UK based digital advertising specialist Content Click, it is found that consumer engagement with native advertisement is far more fetching than digital banner advertisements.

Alex Attinger, Managing Director of Content Click, says: “Industry standard click-through rates – the rate at which an advertisement is clicked per 1,000 ad impressions – average 0.21% in the UK. Native advertising networks are currently outperforming this figure almost ten-fold. I don’t think there can be any greater argument for advertisers to test this media channel, especially when the return-on-investment has the potential to be so high.”

A Wide variety of the publishing and advertising sources were taken in account for the research. It was clearly seen that native advertising is seeing ten times higher click=through rates (CTRs) compared to the traditional banner display advertisements.

This figure is corroborated from native advertising network of 500 publishers which is averaging CTR’s of 2%, almost a ten-fold increase on traditional display ads. It also tallies with findings from Hearst Corporation which recently disclosed figures for native advertising within Harper’s Bazaar showing a similar ten-fold uplift.

The research, presented in a new Infographic entitled the ‘best online ad placements’, also shows that UK advertisers spent a record £3 billion on online advertising in the first half of 2013. Other findings note that the average UK consumer is spending 43 hours a month online.

Opening new revenue channels for the publishers on the digital platforms, has to be innovative, the traditional approach does not fit in the frame. ZITIMA’s digital publishing solution ReadersMagic and digital newsstand ReadersHub ( enhances the digital reading experience and native advertisement in a path breaking styles, where in the readers can directly experience the features like Product showcasing, embedded shopping, and 360 degree view, Media rich widgets in the publication, not just open new opportunities for the publisher for revenues, but as well improve user experience and retain and extending user engagement by not throwing the user off the current page or view to different pages as pointed by the traditional banner advertisements. With the new features of ZITIMA’s digital publishing solution ReadersMagic and digital newsstand ReadersHub ( the user is provided completed experience of the advertised product or item including the ecommerce solution without leaving publication page/view.

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